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Our goals are:

  •  to provide consumers with high-quality handmade products together with the producers’ stories.
  • to foster self-reliance of village artisan groups through the development of their micro-enterprises.

to practice the principles of Fair Trade with our producer groups and customers as well as within Aco.Max organisation as a preferred alternative way of doing business.

to create positive social and environmental impact as well as a fair profit to develop our market further.

Our Products

At Aco.Max, you can find top quality hand-made products, including Home Décor & Furnishings, Accessories, Gifts, Toys, Food and Spa soaps from over 60 groups of skilled artisans in Thailand.

Our products are:

Traceable and guaranteed: You buy directly from the people who created them. We can tell you how the products are made, what materials are used, and where they come from.

Unique and rare: Our products come from every part of Thailand, including remote villages. Some reflect traditional ethnic arts while others are the result of newly acquired skills.

Handmade and well finished: Aco.Max carefully selects hand-crafted products of high standard with expert finishing and often with attractive packaging.

Genuine materials of superior quality: Only pure quality raw materials are used and, where possible, those that are natural and locally sourced. We are concerned to take care of the environment and many products contain recycled materials.

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